About Me

myfaceHello and welcome to my page!

My name is Mysti. 🙂 I graduate from Ball State University, in May, with a degree in Communication and a minor in Digital Media. Afterwards, I’m diving headfirst into culinary school! In the future, I hope to develop recipes and style food. Maybe, along the way i’ll help change the corrupted food industry and convince others to stop buying unnatural and processed foods. I am passionate about using food as medicine and nourishment and I want to place that outlook upon others.

For years, I never considered food as a career option because I had absorbed way too many negative opinions. I made the mistake of listening to every one else’s opinion, but the most important of all, which is my own! I struggled with choosing what to do with my life when in the back of my mind I always truly knew the path that I wanted to take; I just had to give myself permission to do it! Join me as I begin to allow myself to focus more attention on what I love–great, wholesome, and nutritious food. 

Thank you for visiting. Check out my Instagram for more foodie photos.


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