Video Changing the Food Game

Food has become even more of an art form.

Every single day I look forward to watching the new Tastemade or Food Network clips on Snapchat. When I scroll through Facebook I notice that every other post is a video. We are all babies at heart. Our attention spans are short and we like colorful images. But, how is this affecting the food industry?

Media has revolutionized how people view food. People do not want to read magazines anymore; they want to watch quick clips. The online community wants to be entertained, but also learn how to cook at the same time! We do not have time to waste on lengthy magazines or cookbooks. We want the answers fast and now. Companies need to take advantage of this.

Clips are more intriguing than images. You have to click on the clip to see what happens. One can scroll past an image and forget about it. Clips create memorable little stories and pull readers in. They hear the sizzle of the chopped onions hitting oil and they see the oil bubbles form and pop and crackle. This is an engaging, look-at-me experience for the user.

I have always dreamt of being a food stylist. But, maybe food styling is more than just photography, now. Food stylist can manipulate different forms of media to engage readers. These stylist can engage readers on multiple different platforms. If I create a recipe and I want others to hear about it, I can snap a photo for Instagram, post a clip on Facebook, attach a link on Twitter, and post a video on Snapchat. We have the ability to think beyond traditional cookbooks and that can be very exciting!


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