Me VS. Pinterest


Found this recipe from Lake Shore Lady. I couldn’t find phyllo dough so I used puff pastry. SO GOOD. I would make this recipe again. It tastes great with honey drizzled on top and the braided crust was a nice touch.
Will I Make This Again? YES

These were before I baked them but they pretty much turned out the same size. I think I messed up the recipe by using whole wheat flour rather than regular flour. I Will defiantly try making my own bagels again but, i’ll use a different recipe.
Will I Make This Again? NO


101 cooking for two. This recipe was good and easy. However, it said to bake two pork chops for 7-8 hours on low. I cooked for a little over 3 hours on low and they were slightly dry…hmm?
Will I Make This Again? MAYBE


I don’t think I used one particular recipe, but I did get ideas from pinterest. Basically, I threw avacado, bacon, cherry tomatos, and pasta together and topped it with peppercorn parmesan ranch dressing. It was super easy and quick and delicious!
Will I Make This Again? YES


From A Spoonful of Flavor. Well this was a disaster. I didn’t have the patience or candy thermometer for this recipe. I tried to fix it and it turned into a rock. $10 wasted on bad fudge. I would probably make this recipe again but I have sworn off fudge forever.
Will I Make This Again?


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  1. I just came across this – so glad you liked my Apple Brie Tart!! Day = Made 🙂
    Lauren at


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